Week Four – Positive Unsolicited Energy

I can do it!! IT happened. Thank You. Thank YOU. How do I describe the wonderful things that is happening for me. Things are aligned. I was to express everything. How do I? Will you understand? Wednesday was a MKMMA payday. Everything I have been learning (it’s a struggle, but I always make a step […]

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Week Two – DMP2

Growth, Change, Acceptance. I am reading Og Mandino’s “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. Powerful words are in that book. And it takes a lot of humbleness to be able to allow its penetration into your subconscious. This whole book is my desire. How do I write that into my DMP. I am a canoe […]

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Week two: DMP

Definite Main Purpose Why is this so difficult for me? It is the writing down of a dream that I never allowed myself to even think about. How can I write in present tense? How can I write how I feel? Feel? What is feel? I am limited to happy, sad, disappointed, unappreciated, taken advantage […]

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