2016Week 4 Having a Title Page

Hello MKE members in Harmony.

Thank you for reading my page.
I am a 3rd year MKE, and I am using my year to enhance my blogging skills. So I am very hesitant because the “water is deep” for me. But as I have been reading your blogs and seeing your strength and perservence, I am writing a “flow of my thoughts”.

Scary, I am afraid to share.

Here goes…. I would like to encourage you to take the time to fix up your blog for appearance. It’s like you are still in your pajamas. We are in Week 4.

Please title your Blog…Some of you still have “Site Title”.
Follow these steps: Login with wp-admin. Go to dashboard >> Settings >> General >> Site title.
You can also go this way… Dashboard >> Appearance >> Customize >> Site Identity >> Site Title.
They cross reference each other.

Also, please title your posts with the corresponding Week of the assignment to stay in “Harmony” with the rest of the members.  It is our assignment for each member to read the members who are below their name. Last month is was Member1 thru Member5.  This month we are to read Member6 thru Member10.  In my case Member6 is Vernon Taylor (last post was 3), Member 7 is Allen Thompson (he posted Week7…so he is my 1st to follow). Member 8 is Michael Thurston (he posted Week6… so he is my 2nd to follow), Member 8 is Tania Torres (her URL does not work…so I need to report her inactive blog), Member 9 is Yaw TuTu (he posted Week6…so he is my 3rd to follow).

The Blog Roll is always being updated on a daily basis, so names will come and go. It is better to stay with the flow and be in Harmony.

So, I have not blogged and this will be my first blog. But because I blogged, and  you have taken the time to read this far….THANK YOU, We are in harmony and I have not been kicked off the Blog Roll for inactivity.

Have a great Week 4. Hope this encourages you to write something and get back on the Blog Roll and help others.


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Izanna Kutepov

What a great post! Thank you for sharing!

Andrew Millar

First off many thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate your essage in your blog but I wonder why yours is not set up to be able to reply with a single click rather than have to enter my info. I admit that all the steps associated with blogging and twitting are challenging for me. Mostly because it takes so much time to get involved to learn the in’s and out’s.
Blog On!

    Julia Standish

    I am definitely new to blogging. I really don’t know the answer. If I am commenting for the first time after I start up my computer, I noticed I had to relog into WordPress. But if I leave my computer on and pick up on the next day, I do not have to relog into WordPress. Sometimes I have to relog into a Free WordPress bloggers comments. Learning curve for both of us. HAHA… I never commented on my own blog, so I was not aware of the situation. Thanks for commenting on it.

    Izanna Kutepov

    Hey Andrew! There is a difference between commenting on free WP and hosted one. When you’re commenting on other free WP sites, and you’re already logegd in into your, it doesn’t require you to login. Works different with the hosted one. In order for an author to know who left a comment, you have at least to enter your name and email. So they can reply back to you and you will get a notification. Hope it clarifies
    Keep blogging


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