2016Week 8-10: My own words

Hello, Thank you for visiting my MasterKeyExperience Blog.

I’m doing a catch up Blog as I have not been writing my reflections or any thoughts at all.  Its time to be in Harmony with the members, and we are to be reading members whose names are listed 6-10 below my name. So I’ll be reading the blogs of Loren Taylor, Vernon Taylor, Rankin Telles, Allen Thompson, Micheal Thurston, and Yaw TuTu. That also means….Melogy Sjoren, Christine Skjerpen, Annette Sloman, Elaine Smith, and Kelle-Ahem Smith as suppose to be reading my blog. Yet, I haven’t been too active on my website till now, (Tuesday, November 29, 3pm). Leave a comment that you visited and read this far.

This is such a challenge for me to write and express my thoughts. Reading each other’s blogs are quite motivating as they relate to our readings and exercises. And their experience as they grow through their own “old blue print”. Letting Go of Old Habits is flourishing.

Yet…. I am stuck.
How do I make a Difference? By being in Harmony with the members. Why can’t I just observe from the sidelines? That is not truly possible to do anonymously because I’ve been commenting on some of your blogs, and encouraging  you too. I’d like to copy and paste some of your writings, but that would be plagiarizing.

You can follow me, as I continue on this journey, and will be exploring more on my “blogging” growth. How to add pictures. How to add sound. How to utilize this virtual source of communication.

Master Key Experience, is definitely a place of growth. As we share with each other, as we reveal as much as we are willing, there is GROWTH.
I figure, as long as I am breathing, and am able to get up out of bed, and able to be nourished…. I AM LIVING!!

Now you have read this far into my blog. Come back and check on my progress.

Thanks for visiting.


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Wow, honest love it like keeping a way as well I am reaching back to people who commented on me A start , right ?

    Julia Standish

    You made me smile and grin… Thank you for visiting and reading my post. A visit with a comment is like giving fuel to my fire. I can’t seem to keep the fire burning without some feedback.
    May you have a Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.

Amanda Pedro

I am so happy for you that you have persisted and caught up with your blog! Way to go!!! It is all part of this journey! Can’t wait to read the blog this week!

    Julia Standish

    Thank you for visiting my blog. You made me smile to see your comment. Timely is a different story for me. I didn’t check till 5 days after your comment. Have a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.


All this – is process! And being honest with your self is big step closer to true you. I love that we need to write blog about our experience during the course… And how I stumbled on your blog… by just click on Blog Roll, and I’m so happy that I did.. Because I can relate on your post and being in harmony with members gives me a little more energy to keep going! So, thank you for your post! 😀

    Julia Standish

    Thank you for reading my blog. Yes, this is a journey. And I am grateful for your comment.

Beverley Speechley

Well good for you for getting back into the game and noticing you didn’t feel right until you did. The best part is that you didn’t just notice you actually chose to do what was necessary to fix it.

I look forward to Week 11.


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