2016Week 1 – Excited for the next adventure

Welcome to Master Key Experience 2017
This is a 26 Week Program … There Is Nothing Like It!!
This is the ending of Week 1, and I am here to encourage you. I hope after reading my posts, you’ll find you are not alone on this journey. My desire is to be present with the group and to grow, stretch, and even accomplish my goals for this myself over the next 26 weeks.  Let’s Do This Together.
My first post is very simple and no graphics or bold texting or anything fancy. Just me. Typing and sharing. My posts will evolve as I learn more about blogging and as I allow myself to share my thoughts with you, my readers on this journey.  This is my 3rd time through MKE.

My Reflections:
Scroll one: Today I Begin a new Life
This scroll teaches people to make today the first day of the rest oftheir life, and no longer will you act the way you acted or think the way you thought in the past. It talks about getting rid of the victim mentality and taking ownership of your own life. It also talks about the importance of reading each scroll for thirty days.

Today, I begin a New Life.
Today, I begin a New Life.
Today, I begin a New Life.

Quote of Day:  A gentle word, a kind look, a good-natured smile, can work wonders.

Awesome Blog I read this week:
I personally meet Kendra in Kauai this past summer. This is going to be her 2nd time through MKE. Please read and make a comment on her blog.

MKE #2 – Week 1 – The Universe is My Friend!

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Hi, Julia!

While checking out the newly posted blogroll, decided to drop by and check out your site. It’s very sleek, and the addition of Mark’s two new books adds a lot of color – along with a lot of value! You made it quite apparent how my website is in need of a major overhaul! Mahalo!

Nicki Goff

Short but sweet post – just like you! Thanks for the link to Kendra’s wonderful post, Julia.


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