Week 15…. The Scroll Marked IV

It is a new month and I have started reading the next scroll.
I am nature’s greatest miracle. This is how it begins.I am a unique creature of nature. I am rare, and there is value in all rarity: therefore, I am valuable….
I will concentrate my energy on the challenge of the moment.

Reading this scroll 3 times a day challenges me to take action and DO IT NOW.
I am an excellent writer. I am courageous. I am taking the initiative to take action.

(Still writing in short sentence form)

I am getting encouragement from the alliance. Write as in answering a question. The question is… what is your reflection on Og Mandino’s Scroll IV?

My answer is that it is making me think. Reading it 3 times a day and concluding by reading it aloud… I am not taking it lightly… the subby is hearing the words. Is this resistence or is it affirmation? I’ve rewritten them onto my cards are gratitudes.  I am very grateful. I don’t give myself credit, and through these steps I have been given permission to acknowledge my accomplishments.

I have been given eyes to see and a mind to think and now I know a great secret of life for I perceive, at last, that all my problems, discouragements, and heartaches are, in truth, great opportunies in disguise.

There is so much truth to the first video we were shown…the Golden Buddha… I am grateful that my progression is at my pace. I fear writing words from what we are learning. I’ve written about this before. I am grateful for MKMMA using “Hero’s Journey” because it really is a journey. A path that we all are on, yet we travel on our own BUT not ALONE.

I close my evening with reading “The Girl in the Glass”… and I refuse to cheat. So the question is…what movie did you watch and what did you think? My answer is…RUDY. I watched Rudy alone because my family did not want to watch it. I meet Rudy Ruettiger many years ago. He was the guest speaker. He’s story told by him is totally inspirational, he spoke with such compassion, and enthusiasm. His story is amazing. He had his dream, and he made the decision to fulfill his dream to play football for Notre Dame. It was brought to his attention that he got alot more than just playing football, he got a good education, he worked hard… this is what stuck out for me. He took the steps he needed to get to his dream, but he could not have done it alone, there was someone along the path that helped him. He gained the respect of everyone he worked with. He gave 100%. He knew his weakness and he was able to overcome them, with help. 1. a place to sleep 2. a job to earn money 3. a tutor that help recognize how best to learn 4. team players who respected his position 5. School spirit/ student body.. that knew who he was his senior year.

Question…Are you following the Alliance? Answer…Yes, I have read many blogs and am grateful for those who share blogs for others to read. Sharing blogs is definitely beneficial for me, I learn different writing styles. My style is still under cement. I am unique, and I write to encourage others to find the Buddha within themselves. I write to grow.

(This was a struggle… 2 hours. What did I do?… I wrote, and I hit the backspace key many times. I suppose I need to choose the audience who is reading my blog. For now, it is for me, and for those who are following my journey…Thanks for reading.)

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Nice to read your blog Julia and follow along as you progress through our life-changing course. Looking forward to the rest of the journey with you and everyone else here.


I really enjoyed reading your blog. You’re so honest and open and thorough! that’s so neat that you met Rudy! what a fantastic experience to add to the experience of this Alliance! thanks. Jeanne


Hi Julia, I have always enjoyed reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing. God bless you on your journey. Please read my poems I wrote in my blog Week 11 and give me your feedback if you so desire. Thank you.


Great post. Very inspiring to take action and push forward in the MKMMA journey.
Thank you as well for the encouragement Julia : ” I write to encourage others to find the Buddha within themselves “. I think that I’ve needed that.


Very good job Julia! This is very well written! It’s worth a posting a Twitter!


Julia.. you are my hero! I draw inspiration from your blogs. You are an Amazing woman!!!


Love your post. I am in harmony, you are in harmony. We go it alone but with each other. I love how you are acknowledging your accomplishments and have given your permission to go at your own hero’s journey pace. I struggled with that and giving myself permission was a really big win for me. Hope it is for you too


Julia, even though they’ve moved the number on the blog roll, I’m happy to revisit some of the blogs I’ve previously been at. Yours is one of them. You are a good writer. I’ve enjoyed reading all your posts. Thank you for sharing yourelf.

Valeska Harraud

Julia, this is beautiful. You are one of the many Heroes on the Great MKMMA Adventure! You have a courageous and grateful heart. Mahalo Mucho!


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