Week 20A – Sharing your Fears

February 21, 2015

12:30pm…. I can’t wait. I just figured out how to share a video. I am a visual learner. Things click for me when I see it. So, I am so excited to share this video with you my reader. Thank you for reading my blog. When I started 20 weeks ago, I did not write to an audience. I wrote because it was an assignment, but the encouragement to share my experience of my MKMMA weekly experience has documented my journey. I am grateful to be able to go back and read my blogs and for my own growth…. overcome my fears…. one fear at a time.

I stop blogging for various reasons…they will be revealed as I gain confidence and the GOLDEN JULIA THERESE THERESA BAYSA STANDISH…come to you, polished and radiating light for you to see.

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Good for you for persisting with this programme. You are growing and flowering al the time. Blessings.


Thank you for sharing. Great video.


I am so proud of you my dearest friend for 1. realizing what needs to be done to move you forward.. I am alot like you! I have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time.. but have no fear! Your on your way. I am sorry I have not been very available lately as I am struggling with my own issues. Please forgive me as I know you already do. I love you and am thankful for you as we continue on this journey together. Great job!!!!!

George Pauli

Julia, nice video, great that you are sharing.


You’re awesome! :)))


I enjoyed the video and all the young people in it. There fears today are different then mine but just as real. A great video blog.

Janet Andrews

The video on how to connect with someone was so wonderful! I was mesmerized…so proud of you for overcoming what was holding you back from publishing your blogs and “just doing it” with a BlockBuster! Terrific!


What an awesome video…thanks for sharing that. I’ve been blogging about fear and it was cool to hear so many young people share their deepest fears and how some of them were learning to cope with those fears…very cool!


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