Press Release

Hurray. I did IT.

I gave you ample warning that I was coming. I have ARRIVED. There is no stopping me now. The future is endless.

I am totally financially able to spend without hesitation. I am tithing half of my profits to nonprofit organizations.  I am receiving a monthly income of $50,000 from my NuSkin Enterprise business. My husband has retired from his medical practice. We are spending quality time together. I like giving away my knowledge and using my experience to help others. It is now my gift. I unconditionally help my team to become successful, keeping in mind it is their choice to take the chance to be successful.

What happened to the 4’10” Filipina from Wahiawa HI?  34 years ago began the journey to endless earthly pleasures.  I left Hawaii in 1980 and never returned back.  I am the youngest of 4 children to Rosalina Leocadia Juan and Norberto Baysa.  My oldest brother just turned 4 when I was born.  My parents are 1st generation Filipinos.  My grandfathers were prominent plantation leaders in the sugarcane fields and the pineapple fields. My grandsmothers were hard workers within their plantations.

My father got good grades and got scholarships to go to school at Creighton University in Omaha, NE, undergraduate for 2 years, then medical school through the Air Force.  He always told us our education was our inherence.  I graduated as the valedictorian of my 8th grade class.  I was a high schooler with her share of troubles, so I decided when I graduate I would better my life in the mainland.  1984 I got my BSBA from Creighton University in Omaha, NE., within the 4 years. In 1986, I got married to David Standish. I worked as an insurance agent for New York Life, only to realize I liked office work, so I took the an assistant job for an established agent.  David graduated medical school in 1984,  then did his residency in Phoenix, AZ.  I tranferred to another New York. Life agent and worked 2 years.  I worked for American Express for a year.  My oldest daughter, Rosalina Joan was born in 1988 and in 1989 we moved to Billings, MT.   I have been a stay at home mom for 26 years.  Focusing only on my daughter and husband, and maintaining the household.  In 2000 David and I were blessed with the birth of 0ur son, James.  What a challenge it was to raise a  teenager and a baby/toddler.  2014 marked the 30th anniversary for David and myself.

Let the roller coaster ride BEGIN!!

Where did this compact package of dynamite come from? How can there so much energy in one tiny person?

Julia was given a scholarship to participate with an online self mindset curriculum.  She was required to watch 3 videos which explained what the program was about and the requirements to be in the program.  It laid out all the rules and expectations up front. There was no misunderstanding of the commitment that was required.

But before this happened, Julia was struggling with the changes happening in her life. Rosalina was now married 5 years. Arabella grandaughter will be 5 in January 2015 was in daycare/preschool. Son-in-Law Ken was studying engineering. They live 2.5 hours away in Bozeman, MT.  James was a freshman in high school.

Low self esteem and shackles of family responsibility made it clear that her personal pivotal needs was: Spiritual and Liberty.  The soul was hidden and restrained.  MKMMA was the tool that shattered all the barriers and grasp that held and contained our dynamite.

“Let’s Do It Together”  is her motivation chant.

……. How did it happen? When?…. Wait for the live interview.








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Valeska Harraud

Can hardly wait for the live interview!!!


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